Njovu Collective

Covering all business aspects from project identification, investment, confirmation, development, and operation as demonstrated in our strategic level and mining value chain

Collective Knowledge

Connecting individuals, each with a wide range of industry-related qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge to form the Njovu Collective. Our collective has experience in dealing with matters related to Shareholder, Stakeholder, Board, Strategic, Operational, Leadership, and Management, as well as Core- and Support Bussiness Processes.

Le-Marlie Marais
Dr Le-Marlie (Lee) Marais
Strategy & Organisational ​​ Development
Izak Marais
Mining Engineer & Operations Director

Collective Members

Jost Barenberg
Mining Engineer
Denzil Meredith​​
Finance & Admin
Mike Phillips
Johan Bruwer 
Evan Cook​​
Geology & Mineral Resources 
Anzelle Lundie 
Executive Assistant
Neil Young 
Mining Engineer
Frans Minnaar 
Human Capital & Management Systems 
Alwyn Smit 

An Exceptional Service Offering

Business Process Service Offering

The combined qualifications, experience, skills, and knowledge of the Njovu Collective enable us to provide a quality, customised service offering to our business partners. Our service offering provides peace of mind through hands-on oversight that ranges from project discovery to the day-to-day operational management of your business. We cover the whole range of business processes, whether it is at the strategic-, core-, or supporting level. We proudly share our knowledge, skills, and experience with operational management, ensuring a continuous transfer of knowledge.  

Realizing Shareholder Expectations

Shareholder and Strategic Level Business Processes
Dr Lee Marais
Izak Marais

Providing peace of mind and complete oversight at every level of the business for investors and shareholders.


Izak is well-experienced in operating stock exchange-listed companies. He started his mining career in Gencor, which merged with major-miner Goldfields, where he was Operations Manager. He served as the CEO of listed Fluorspar-miner Sallies Ltd, and later became COO for the Gold One Group.

Njovu's collective experience and knowledge enable us to connect shareholders' expectations effectively with operational performance. We remove shareholders' frustration by providing technical expertise at the board level to ensure a realistic but profitable strategy is developed and implemented at the operational level, resulting in an exceptional return on investment.


By bridging this disconnect between the board and the operation, we provide business partners with the functions and services traditionally performed by a head office, but without the large overhead! Our Collective covers corporate governance, strategic guidance, and development of business growth opportunities. We further improve strategic alignment between the board level and the operational level by operationalising and implementing the approved strategy on all levels of the organisation. 


Njovu represents shareholders' interests on the board-, corporate-, strategic operations-, and the operations management level. Complete oversight for your peace of mind.


The Njovu Collective is successful because the combined value derived from the individual members' qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge, truly is worth much more than the sum of each individual's respective value. 


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Lee Marais

Mining Value Chain

Our collective industry knowledge, skills, and experience allow us to expertly cover all the different, but interrelated processes of the mining value chain. Our ability to break down traditional industry silos through the vertical- and horizontal integration of core- and supporting business processes, means that the different departments are collaborating across "boundaries" increasing efficiencies and boosting team cohesion. Both of these are critical to improving overall organisational performance.