Small beginnings, huge potential!


We transform challenges into opportunities using our Collective members' industry experience combined with evolving theory and research 

The COVID Pandemic was a stark reminder that we all have to adjust to a new normal. We now live in a world in which the way we work has been changed forever. Small businesses, such as Njovu, only survive because of their ability to rapidly adapt to continuous change in the operating environment. 

A strategic review of Njovu allowed us to focus on how our business evolved to adapt to the "new normal" - we refined our business model to realize the new opportunities presented to us.

Back to the beginning...

Njovu started out in 2008 as a consultancy company, focusing on the development, implementation, and maintenance of integrated management systems, regulatory compliance, and operational due diligence. The integrated management systems included ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 (now ISO 45001), specifically in the mining and mining-related industries. The regulatory compliance service offering addresses the requirements of the Mineral and Petroleum Resource Development Act (MPRDA); more specifically mining right applications, mine works programs, and social and labour plans. The operational due diligence service offering included visiting client sites to review operations and practices with the aim of providing clients with operational and performance improvement plans. 

In 2009, Njovu became dormant while the founders returned to fulltime employment in the mining industry. This event would later trigger the re-establishment, re-invention, and return of Njovu Strategic and Operational Advisors. During its dormant phase, the founders began developing a new blueprint for successful, efficient, and safe mining. Key pillars for this blueprint included a new approach to employee engagement, superior operational efficiencies, and the vertical and horizontal integration across all business processes, eliminating the typical and traditional silo practices associated with mining culture.


We acknowledge the critical role that constantly reviewing, revising, and refining of our business model has played in our history. Adapting to the continually changing operating environment allows us to bring our business partners the best possible solution, specifically tailored to meet their business needs. 

Njovu History

A deep understanding of changes in our operating environment combined with the growing knowledge and experience of our Collective members, we ensure that Njovu remains industry-relevant. We are always exploring new developments in technology and practice that contribute to the improvement and modernisation of contemporary mining operations. We also ensure that we are up to date with theoretical and research developments in the fields of leadership, management, human capital, and business performance improvements. Our Collective members are continuously investing in their personal and professional development, meaning their knowledge and experience are also continuously growing. A practice that fits perfectly with our philosophy that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.   

Izak Marais
Le-Marlie Marais

Our Founders 

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Creating the Collective

Njovu's expanding network

Drawing on the principles and archetypes of systems thinking and complexity theory, Njovu's business model is to create a collective system, in which each member of the collective connects their network to the Njovu collective. The continual redefining of the system boundary means that the collective benefits from the "whole" which is worth more than the sum of its parts!