Our Vision


Create mutually beneficial partnerships among interested parties to collectively capitalize on the unique opportunities resulting from continuously changing market conditions and the demand for gold


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Helping Industry Adapt to Change

Seemingly, the level of change and uncertainty is forever increasing and speeding up, making adapting to change critical for continued prosperity and success. Our approach has moved away from the limitations associated with linear thinking. Instead, we are embracing the principles of systems- and complexity theory and learning from the behavior of complex adaptive systems. 

Our business model and blueprint are underpinned by systems- and complexity theory frameworks, enabling us to operate comfortably in the 4th industrial age.

Industrial Revolution


Continuous change

We are ready, are you?

Our approach allows us to successfully navigate the challenges brought about  by the 4th industrial revolution - we recognize and incorporate the opportunities generated by changing from the industrial age to the digital era.  

The digital or knowledge era requires businesses to adapt their mechanistic structures to become hybrid-organic organisations. Digital era organizations recognize the restrictions that linear thinking imposes on their operations, while also accepting the opportunity presented by adopting a complex adaptive systems thinking framework. Digital era hybrid-organic organisations leverage their collective organisational knowledge and -memory as a competitve advantage.  


Our Formula for Success

To achieve HARM-FREE, EFFICIENT, PROFITABLE MINING, we have developed a formula for success. The formula contains three key elements, which together address the solution to the challenges we have identified in the operating environment.

Njovu's success formula