Our team of experts is ready to assist mining projects and  -operations to become more successful across all key delivery aspects. Our key focus areas include Strategic Operationalizing, Operational Advising, Turnaround and Improvements, and a Head Office Function, each of which are described in more detail below. We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to our clients' needs and therefore, we are able to customize our services to suit your needs.

Strategic Operationalizing


One of the biggest reasons strategies fail is the inability to operationalize the strategy. Over time, our team members have developed processes and systems to assist with the operationalising of the strategy - the benefits of ensuring that the entire business is committed to and working towards one vision and mission ensures the success of the business strategy

Operational Advising


Our team members are all operational experts, allowing us to partner with our clients and provide "out-of-the-box" solutions to business challenges. By partnering with us, our clients have access to an experienced team of experts  of a seniority level that is often unaffordable on a full time basis. Our team is ready to assist with any operational matter requiring attention

Turnaround & Improvements


Years of experience and staying up to date with new developments, allows the team to assist clients with both the development of turn around strategies as well as the implementation of such strategies. Our added expertise and years of experience allows us to identify opportunities for improvements, assisting our clients to capitalise on these opportunities

Head Office Function

In an ever changing business environment where leaner business structures become essential for success, we are able to offer clients a team of experts to fulfill the traditional "head office function" at a fraction of the cost of carrying it as part of their own structure 


Office 206, Alto Level House,

4 Fir Drive, Northcliff, 2195


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