Why Njovu?

We love these gentle giants so much that we base our entire business model on the way their minds work and the way they move. This is our strategic and operational advice respectively. But did you know this about Njovu?

The Mind (Strategic Advisers)

The elephant brain can weigh nearly 6 kg. They say elephants never forget, and with 257 billion neurons this isn't that hard to believe. Matriarch elephants have shown that they can remember where reliable water sources are in drought and would lead the herd for years towards these sources. The safety of their herd is their primary concern. As is ours of our mining team.

Matriarch's have an incredible ability to distinguish around 100 individual elephants up to 2.5km away by their call alone. They communicate by touch, smell, visual displays and sounds. Communication and engagement is as important to their species as it is to ours.

The Movement (Operational Advisers)

The African Elephant can weigh up to 7 000kg. Their weight does not mean that they have a lack of sensitivity or a delicate touch. With their trunk they can pull roots out of the ground and pick a feather off the ground without damaging a feather. Njovu moves strong but sensitively.

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