The new website was designed with our mascot as in mind and as inspiration. The new colour palette took direction from the blue skies and African sunsets that often frame photographs of elephants.


As strategic advisors, we are the cool blue that rationally prepares for each project with professionalism, patience and consideration. The red represents the operational aspect of our solutions- engaging passionately and hands on. 




As the seasons changed so did some things at Njovu. Spring brought many new beginnings and additions to our team.

Njovu is excited to welcome some new young bulls to the herd. Denzil Merideth heads up business development and finance and is sure to be an asset to our team. Mike Phillips joins the team alongside Alwyn Smit as metallurgical specialist. Frans Minnaar, as management systems specialist, is welcomed too and Neil Young continues as mining engineer responsible for Zimbabwe.

Njovu took a wander into new territory and new offices down the road. Anzelle Lundi joins the herd here as executive assistant and office manager. 



We are really proud to announce that The Refractive Thinker Vol XVII: Managing a Cultural Workforce: The Impact of Global Employees is now an International Best Seller in addition to being a #1 Best Seller in the US and Canada, making our managing director, Dr. Lee, an International Best Seller author!
Get your copy now, available from and start reading Dr. Lee's chapter in the book, titled Escaping the Cultural Psychic Prison - Employee Engagement as a Refractive Prism. Her chapter helps us understand how organizational leaders and managers can escape from the cultural psychic prison created through organizational culture, climate, and historical practices. 


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