Njovu SOA utilizes a number of industry experts to provide clients with the best possible advice, service and solutions. Our team  members have established themselves in their respective fields of expertise over a period ranging from 15 to 50 years, and therefore their contributions to the success and effective functioning of the team is critical. Practical experience combined with in-depth field knowledge and experience makes us a formidable team, ready to take on and solve any challenge! 


Dr. Le-Marlie Marais - Managing Director

I am an organizational development professional with a  doctorate in business administration. I have been associated with the South African mining industry in various roles over the past 18 years. I combine employee- and community engagement with leadership development to ensure organizational alignment with a documented strategic plan, ultimately contributing to the improvement of  organizational effectiveness and profitability. 

Izak Marais - Operations Director

I am a mining engineer with 24 years of experience in the South  African mining industry in both open cast and underground  mining environments. The past 14 years were spent at  strategic management level, specializing in combining technical expertise with employee engagement requirements leading to superior safety, profitability and operational efficiency to build  best-in-class operations.

Jost Barenberg - Mining Engineer

I am an experienced mining engineer with 40 years experience in the African mining industry including South Africa, Namibia and Ghana. I have extensive experience in both open cast and underground mining environments, leading diverse teams to meet and exceed set objectives, safely. I specialise in identification of capacity constraints and the implementation of requisite de-bottle-necking measures.

Johan Bruwer - Engineering Specialist

I am an experienced, certified mechanical engineer with almost 30  years of experience in the mining industry. I have an in-depth maintenance management knowledge of hydropower, underground conventional- and mechanised mining equipment, vertical- and incline shaft systems, and metallurgical plant equipment and operations.

Alwyn Smit - Metallurgical Specialist

I am an experienced metallurgical specialist with more than 30 years of experience in the South African and international mining environment in gold, uranium and platinum extraction. My specialist focus is on circuit improvements and recovery optimisation in a variety of ore types.

Evan Cook - Mineral Resource Specialist

I am an experienced geology and mineral resource management professional with 28 years' experience in gold, PGEs, base metals, and manganese in the SA and African open cast and underground mining environments. I specialize in the optimization and sustainable development and mining of mineral resources...

James McArdle - Mining Manager

I am an experienced mining professional with 50 years' experience in gold, platinum, coal, diamonds, andalusite, granite, and fluorspar in the South African, African, and German mining industries, in both open cast and underground. I specialize in practical application of all mining production disciplines... 

Riaan van Schalkwyk - I.T. Specialist

I am an experienced Information technology specialist with more than 15 years of experience, of which 10 years was in IT Service Management. I have an in-depth knowledge of IT Systems, -Service Desks and -Processes. 

Neil Young -Mining Engineer

I am an experienced mining engineer with 28 years of experience in underground mining environments in the South African mining industry, including deep level mining.  My key focus areas in the past 10 years were business improvement, project management of operational and strategic

projects and feasibility studies...


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